What tools do we have to build decentralised governance systems now? What examples are there of them in action? And how can we conceptualise and build them?

What is the Edgeware blockchain and community for?

There’s an analogy to Raichu nearer the bottom of the article.

Technology companies have created new platforms that have enabled new kinds of work, jobs and play that weren’t possible before. With that in mind , what kind of work and play could Kabocha enable?

Work and play

The Internet brought many new kinds of jobs, which is a pretty obvious statement. New kinds of work for people have been created…

We’re creating a different reality, a new way of collaborating and sharing value.

Kabocha Notice

10th September 2021 (Western Roman Cult Time)

Kusama, her Kabocha and polkadots (Source: @nybg on Instagram).

Whereas Kusama is Polkadot’s experimental canary net cousin, Edgeware is Polkadot’s secret love child and is quietly blooming in the background.

In this post, we talk about Edgeware, and their second special-purpose chain called Kabocha, a parachain on Kusama. And how it all relates…

Where did it start

Born out of Polkadot’s philosophy of multi-chain minimalism, Edgeware was the first-ever chain built with the Substrate programming framework, straight after Polkadot and Kusama were launched back…

If you’re using the EVM pallet of a Substrate chain, you might need to convert a substrate address into its EVM version, so that you can send transactions via the EVM.

  1. Name the file “evm-convert”
  2. Copy this code and add into a…

In the UK, the high street has been destroyed as a result of online retail, lockdowns and lack of urban planning. In this free market world, how can we create the locality we wish to see? How can independent businesses outcompete chains and large franchises?

Two estate agents next to each other clogging up high streets.

Competing narratives between the anarchists who want to build a predominately parallel system; and those who want to bridge into the legacy system. How these differing values affect the trajectory of Bitcoin, blockchain and what communities build.

If we were to start from scratch, how would we design a decentralised government?

Ramsey R.

Working toward building decentralised systems fit for the next 1,000 years.

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