Why DED?

Let me provide some initial thoughts and reflections participating in the DED community, and what resonates… not as a technical midwife, but more generally as a benevolent steward:

Ramsey Ajram (Decentration)
2 min readJan 9, 2024

Given that DED is a community driven project, there should be very little “official” things DED should be.

DED official identity can be very simple and very clear.

Purpose and Mission

  • What is DED purpose and mission?
  • how do other projects/chains within the ecosystem collaborate with DED? “Hey we want to partner!”
  • how does DED benefit the community at large?

DED will be like an organ of a larger polkadot eco body.

DED not competing
Instead of thinking of DED as a brand new ecosystem with its own departments, such as Gov, NFTs, smart contracts, gaming,

such as gaming etc, it can amplify gaming projects in polkadot.

Instead of DED being a competitor, it is interdepednent, and it amplifies, promotes, sheds light on the polkadot ecosystem and projects within. We dont want to diverge too much from the Polkadot core community.

DOTisDED is a superset of the token, what is that?

If DOTisDED continues to get funded from the DOT Treausry, its key role, then a token is just the speculator element for a subset of users, who might be interested in that.

Re: understanding our values
the decision we made to distribute the DED in the same way DOT is distributed (to sovereign accounts) rather putting it totally on asset hub, tells how we like to spread DED like veins in the body of the polkadot ecosystem.

- DED is like an alter ego of polkadot. It’s an element of polkadot that aims to raise awareness to the wider world, its an ironic meme to say polkdot is too cool to promote itself. And so DED does that job. By working marketing magic (with influencers, community engagement, promoting, etc, and focusses on what it is best at and benefits those around it who want to interact with DED).

- We are organic and grassroots because this idea emerges from a salty tweet, and we are all basically working on this part time, and of course we are not mercenaries. And the token we produce has the values imbued in it, with a fair 1:1 distrubution is categorical proof that this is in a realm of its own it terms meme tokens.

For example:

- Re: gaming, how does DED do gaming? is DED a gaming community? It doesn’t seem so. But can DED speak to gaming projects/chains in the ecosytem and collab with them: rather than DED making its own games, the project may want to make a DED game because it will bring engagement to their community then that would be a good reason for them. This reflects the values mentioned.

DED is DOTs alter ego, promoting polkadot and amplifying projects in the ecosystem. and this should inform what our purpose and mission is watch probably should be memorised in two sentences.

This post will update….



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