XcmSend: Milestone 2 Delivered. What’s new?

Progress update on our mission is to build a powerful no-code Web3 platform, so you can weave together actions without having to jump from wallets to apps. And the Milestone 2 delivery summary.

Ramsey Ajram (Decentration)
3 min readOct 27, 2023

Another step in the plan for our mission to make building workflows accessible to all users, via a powerful no-code builder. We’ve just shipped M2 of our W3F grant…

A workflow sending USDT from AssetHub > to > Interlay

Key improvements since M1:

  • Execute multiple actions in one workflow. M1 only allowed a single action.
  • A much more clean, silky and delightful UX during workflow execution progress: automated zoom on the, changing status colour and animation of the connected wires (edges)

M2 Deliverables

  1. Support for chains:
    We now support transfer of native assets between polkadot, AssetHub, HydradX and Interlay. Setting the foundation in place to support all chains. (Currently we only support USDT from AssetHub to Interlay, and not the other direction due to an issue we can hopefully fix on the next release).
  2. JSON RPC/API: Developers can use our API to create their own DApps. The API is the start of many accessible and re-usable features that we use for our own DApp, starting with our de-coupled approach of drafting extrinsics then broadcasting them when ever the user chooses.
  3. Auto Index XCM channels: we want to show what channels are indexed. Filter the options for source and destination chain based on the open channels that are available
  4. Parachain discovery:
    XCMSend will track which parachains are currently connected and filter the selection based on that. The lease times of each parachain needs to be accounted for as well.

Granular updates and fixes:

  • Hugely speed up the app through managing multiple instances and reducing need for connecting.
  • fix check balance for asset hub
  • Create toast promise for (processing draft transactions) so that the message stays for as long as it is needed.
improved toast notifications.
  • add progress bar that auto updates based on where the tx is
  • handle Accept/cancel better in transaction. When accepted it means for all transactions, and when clicking accept it displays info that signing process in progress.
  • handle Accept/cancel better in transaction. When accepted it means for all transactions, and when clicking accept it displays info that signing process in progress.
  • fix bugs in transaction review area
  • handle sequential extrinsic executions
  • fix outdated transaction error (error to do with nonces).
  • Enable multiple action nodes in a scenario. Currently assetNodeIn and assetNodeOut are states that represent a single entry. Convert to a mapping.
  • improve actionData logic so its not caputring a single state but instead the local state based on nodeId
  • Template Scenarios: start work on creating sharable links with encoding and decoding logic.

We would love to talk to you and find what problems you have, what features you would like to see, and what useful and important workflow you need. This will directly inform how we prioritise our work.

You can reach out at bagpipes@xcmsend.com and either (or both) myself (Ramsey Ajram) and Filip Kalebo, lead engineers, will receive the message and respond to you. If you want to join our beta testing group of curious guinea pigs just email us.

Kind regards,

Ramsey Ajram



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