Tech companies and crypto networks, contrast.

Network of nodes without revenue streams.

Tech companies

Many companies have raised money and have been valued based on their pursuit to monopolise an entire global market. The way the company will make money will be decided later.

There are tech companies that make money but don’t make a profit because of scaling, like Amazon, but even so, there are companies that capture users and don’t charge money at all. Whatsapp is a good example. Sold to Facebook for ~$19bn. Obviously, the company who bought them where not buying them based on cashflow, but on the ability to leverage the number of users, and their message data (yes messages! check the terms and conditions), so that they can get to know each user so well so they can place ads in front of you so they can increase their revenues.

Crypto Networks

Bitcoin is the exception?

Someone said,

“Ethereum has value because people are willing to build smart contracts products on top”.

Haha…What, so that more ponzis can build on top of a ponzi? Name me something that is usable from Ethereum, that isn't a made up of a group of degenerate circle jerkers, coming together in one mindvirus worldwide las vegas mentality of adolescence? It’s just trusted casino games. You may not trust online roullette, but you trust a blockchain, so you can get rugged in an honest way.

Crypto has little to no women, the same reason why casinos don’t. Its degenerate, mastabatory and gaming for little boys.

Market Making is fake it till you make it.

Market making was used to be a negative word, now it is a normal word.

“DAOs” vs Crypto Networks

Reflecting with empty pockets

This is an unintentional vow of poverty. I’m a monk who can see and think clearly. An honourable judge, and distinguished gentleman surrounded by total degens, barring a few.

I didn't come here for the multi level marketing pyramid ponzi state of affairs, i came here to create different (better) realities, ones that has more sanity and clarity baked into it.

We’ve got to create real value, otherwise the winds will sweep all this away…



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Ramsey (Decentration)

Ramsey (Decentration)


Decentralising the web. Stewarding new paradigms. Engineering and product.