Supersig — like multisig, but with superpowers 💥

Supersig — like multisig, but with superpowers 💥 Rest in peace Robin.
  • multisig once created has fixed members;
  • supersig you can add and remove members.
  • multisig has fixed threshold such as 2/3 or 3/5, etc.
  • But supersig has an enumerated threshold such as simpleMajority.
  • Multisig addresses are usually made as a composite of the individual addresses that make it plus its threshold paramter, this is done in a deterministic way, that means the address can be created offline. This is the due to the magic of cryptographic hashing.
  • For Supersig to have varying members, but the same address, we have create a native pallet. You can’t create a supersig offline, this is one of the trade-offs to using a Supersig. (In future versions we have plans to create a deterministic multisig backup).

Master (Superuser) vs Standard user

A supersig member can have a “Master” status, which has much more power than Standard status. Standard user counts for 1 vote, but when a Master votes, their vote counts for 50% of the entire vote. Therefore, they only need one more vote from someone else in order to get a simpleMajority regardless of how many members in the supersig.

The use case for Master

The clear use case for master is if funds are really intended for 1 person, but there are other users there to sign the transaction for security, then 1 Masteruser with various signers, allows for convenience without giving up on security risk of trusted members becoming adversarial.


Because we are not using BoundedVec.


Primary: Web 3 Foundation Grant



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Ramsey (Decentration)

Ramsey (Decentration)


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