Supersig: Create permissionless collectives

Supersig is now simple to interact with for standard users.

Ramsey Ajram (Decentration)
2 min readJan 31, 2023
simple, like a radiator ( a year later i realise this is not a radiator haha)

“like multisig, with superpowers”

Our hook for supersig is “Like multisig, but with superpowers ⚡️”. We set out with the goal adding features that would make an even better experience than the pervasively used multisig even better: instead of fixed members, ability to add or remove members; and instead of a fixed threshold, simpleMajority voting. With M2 completed for W3F, the interface is now usable for standard users.

Permissionless collectives

The supersig acts like `pallet_collective` with its own treasury account to manage, so instead of the collective having fundamental access to the chain, it is a collective that cooperates over a single account, and doesn’t require root origin to add it in to the chain.

Great for receiving treasury funds

Supersig can be a new standard for recipients of treasury funding. For many chains the current standard is a multisig. But a supersig, is a superior for management of larger funds.

User interface

supersig-node-template containing pallet_supersig and rpc methods.

If you add supersig collectives, you will be able to see them in the supersig area. We constructed and decorated RPC methods for the polkadot-js apps ui, which is currently a fork on It’s a simple interface but minimally viable to get it working and more usable than multisig.

After feedback, we now know what improvements to make on the front end, which will be delivered in M3. Which will be a more visible proposals section that will look a lot like the democracy and referenda area.

Piloted on Kabocha

Kabocha is a parachain on Kusama, and supersig is currently there, and on the next runtime will have the rpc functions to enable the M2 UI.

Try for yourself

If you want to see an example of a chain with the pallet and rpc functions you can clone the substrate-supersig-template. And you can add your local node on Or you can clone the customised apps repo here.

If you want to reach out directly for support you can contact



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