Open-Source Tools for Consciousness

The question I am asking to open the backdoor of possibilities, what is a more conscious (kabocha) way to create community guidelines? Here is what showed up for me…

“conscious playground of possibilities”

Typically, when I enter an online community and they make me read the rules:

1) I rarely read them; and

2) It feels like an upfront punishment.

Instead of upfront punishment, and instead of welcome-and-rules channel, we can have welcome-and-tools, and here’s what we can have inside:

Kabocha Conscious Tools and Self-Moderation Recommendations for the Playground of Possibilities

When we think of tools we might think of a hammer, or a chain saw, or perhaps a rust dependency. However there are far more potent tools (or primitives), and they are within the master settings of our consciousness.

Conscious Tools


In network public playgrounds such as Kabocha, we recognise that we are conscious energetic beings, and we know how energy can change the quality of being and spirit. It’s the difference between being hopeless and full of life, which if you have a body, must have been at some point. Many of us are tuned to think rationally and logically, though very useful tools, they are not the only way to function. By only thinking in that way, cuts off awareness from receiving the energy of space and possibilities. It can give you a very slow head (analysis is paralysis)

Heavy and Light

To navigate energy, the tool is to have a subtle sense of what is heavy, and what is light. You can ask your body to provide that awareness to you. If something is heavy for you it is not true for you, and if something is light it is true for you. Follow the lightness. This is how we got to discovering Kabocha.


True questions upon the door to possibilities, and a wide array of possibilities widen the set of choices we choose from. If we would like to create a different reality, different way of being in the world, different social technology, then the question tool is the one for you. What questions have never been asked, that if they were, were create more awareness for humanity?


There’s two ways to really be functioning from in this reality.

A) create your reality, or
B) complain about the reality happening to you. We recommend to create.

Choice generates.


Choosing is the human being’s magic tool to create. Choosing creates. We are taught to think that the outside world might give us more choice in life. However each choice you make changes the energy of possible actualities. If you are not choosing, then imagine the how much potency you (the unique expression of consciousness) is giving up? Choosing creates more possibilities to choose more. This is the process of creation. It’s a great “go to” tool play with.


When you choose gratitude you can never be in judgement of yourself or anyone. Imagine what we can create if we create a space of gratitude? If you’re in a state of gratitude how can you hate?

“Kabocha AI grassroots playground poetry in motion”

Self-Moderation Recommendations


  • Compassion allows for understanding and embodying the space of the other person. Putting yourself in their shoes. Compassion is where your heart is involved in the matters of the mind. We can easily become disconnected from the heart and use our head without it. This can lead to apathy towards other beings, which creates a space of coldness. In this low bandwidth world of messaging it’s even more important stay conscious of how you are functioning. Compassion is a tool to cultivate a warm and enriching community.


  • Try and understand where the other person is coming from.
  • Get more information before you jump to conclusions
  • See it from their shoes and ask questions about their position, maybe you can learn something about your position. This is part of the relational dynamics of human beings.
  • If someone is angry and rude, find out why, maybe it can be diffused by showing some understanding. We are receptive beings and pick up on things, and even beings who get angry might have valid reason for it.
  • We are biassed to think we are smart and others children and have personality issues. Be conscious of this bias. And instead the person you are talking to, see them as a reflection of yourself, but just with a different set of experiences and some physical differences.
  • Don’t gaslight. If you are prone to having less emotions, some beings and cultures and blood types have more emotional traits, try not to gaslight them. We encourage a diversity of personality types.


  • Be honest to yourself. We are not saying be honest and tell beings all of your secrets. You should definitely not being sharing your passwords to anyone, of course. But be honest to yourself, and being honest with yourself will make you better at relations.


  • Choose to be kind (it’s a choice people!). Other beings will sense it and appreciate it, they know you can be unkind, as that can be normal on the internet, always be kind. (Kindness doesn’t mean being fake nice). Choose the space of benevolence.


  • This is the best tool you have to cultivate healthy human relationships. We are human and we are not perfect we make mistakes, we can say insensitive things, we can say things at inappropriate times and we can get into an enflamed battle, where compassion, kindness and understanding goes out of the window.


  • Decency is like etiquette, other synonyms are decorum and respect, there is a way, there is a time, there is a place. Without decency then there is no chance of embodying sovereignty.


  • Sovereign originates from 8th Century CE French Sacré Loi (“Sacred Law”) from two Old French words sauveour meaning “one who delivers or rescues others from harm; a hero” and “reign” from Latin regno meaning “one who leads, rules or governs”. From the very beginning and to the absolute essence of the word “sovereign” is to serve others; and to help and save others from harm. We have the opportunity to create true sovereignty in our communities, but it comes with a responsibility to dedicate oneself to a life of being of service. Its not a free pass to not pay taxes, or just a thing you say prove no one has authority over you. Be of service and govern. The governing with decentralised values makes it more a distributed governance, where the flow of power is not stagnant in one place.


  • Be a source of inspiration, it can be contagious and open the doors of possibilities in the Kabocha playground.

Written by Ramsey Ajram:

What drives me? I am here to steward through new paradigms and create more consciousness and communion. Though I also bite, so be careful.

You can find me:



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Ramsey (Decentration)

Ramsey (Decentration)


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