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Ramsey Ajram (Decentration)
2 min readSep 10, 2021


Kabocha Notice

10th September 2021 (Western Roman Cult Time)

Edgeware block number: 8,172,158 o’clock

Hey beings,

Ramsey here, community engineer and one of the creators of the Kabocha chain proposal.

After our Kabocha proposal is accepted by the community, we’re aiming to launch Kabocha toward the next batch of Kusama parachain slots. The dates are yet to be confirmed by Parity.

We’re currently working through the proposal, and will share it ready for feedback. The process of feedback, participation and contribution is what will make Kabocha an awesome community work of art and craft.

Kabocha was conceived after an electric party, where Kusama got Edgeware pregnant during the magical evening under a full moon right on the summer solstice.

Luckily Kusama is only married to a few other chains so there’s space for Kabocha to live with Kusuma as a parachain, after the union ritual “crowdloan process” takes place.

We’re hoping Kabocha grows up to be weird, magic and unconventional (like Billie Eilish).

Before sharing the proposal, we’ve been getting some legal advice from pre-cognitive time lords about how we define what we do and the process of implementation, to make sure Kabocha grows up to be a strong and potent pumpkin.

Everyone will definitely have ample notice before the crowdloan/auction procedure to get their EDG in order, so try not get your knickers in a twist.

My technical duty is working on Pumpkin chain, which is Kabocha’s testnet, to work through launch procedure, as well as being a sandpit for future projects that want to play with Kabocha.

Like the movie Inception, I’ll go with Rich in to a deep dream and we’ll spend 50 years in a single moment to perfect this proposal, if I have time I can design my own language and write stories about Gavin Wood.

We’ll let you know when it’s ready. In the meantime you are welcome to make your own proposal to the treasury about getting funded for what you want to create! The more diversity of people contributing in this decentralised experiment, the more flourishing there will be in our social ecology.

If anything, Kabocha will be different.




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Ramsey Ajram (Decentration)

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