Kabocha: a playground of possibilities | introducing Pop-Art relay network

We’ve come a long way in the past few months since we launched our parachain proposal in the Edgeware governance area. We’re well on the way to launching our crowdloan, and ready to connect with the interoperable world of communities around KSM. Even though we’re not a parachain yet, we’ve already started building relationships with other communities.

Crowdloan, opportunity for growth

We’re using the crowdloan as an opportunity to grow our community and cross-pollinate with other communities in the Kusama ecosystem who have resonant values with us, such as RMRK.

We’re discussing ways we could use a portion of KAB and/or create NFTs (designed by http://new-futures.co/) to incentivise RMRK members to contribute to the crowdloan. This approach is the Web3 “Subverse” version of community growth.

We are also exploring similar plans with other parachain communities that we resonate with.


We’re growing our email pre-registrations which is around 700 members. We’re getting about 50 sign ups a day since being listed as an upcoming parachain candidate on https://parachains.info/

Pop-Art relay network

Artwork by Roy Lichtenstein – Pop-Art

As part of our technology narrative to build tools, infrastructure and chains for Open Society on Web3, Kabocha will be a parachain that connects to the Kusama relay chain. As well as this, we aim to build our own relay network — aliging with the “DotSama” multi-chain philosophy — one with its own underlying values and design. Perhaps this relay chain will embody the experimental teenager that Kusama grew up too quickly to be.

In the process of ramping up to a production relay chain, we’ve set up our own relay network testnet ([Pop-Art)](https://github.com/Kabocha-Network/polkadot/tree/v0.9.14), which is a Rococo style staging network that parachain teams can test on (from today), including Kabocha.

## Kabocha bridging to our live relay network
We will eventually create a live relay chain <INSERT NAME> in the later part 2022, which Kabocha parachain will bridge to, connecting with the DotSama ecosystem. We will cultivate and fund teams who are testing their parachains on Pop-Art relay chain. And we will have a slightly different approach for parachain candidates than just crowdloans. One thing for sure is we will be more active with our treasury and may have a hybrid version of crowdloans.

Be prepared for our crowdloan launch launch early 2022.

We are accelerating projects, teams, creators and founders building unstoppable organisations on Web 3.0. What future can we create?

You can pre-register for the crowdloan here: https://kabocha.network

This post was also made on:

SubSocial: https://app.subsocial.network/5779/kabocha-playground-of-possibilities-december-update-27838




Decentralising the web. Stewarding new paradigms. Engineering and product.

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Ramsey (Decentration)

Ramsey (Decentration)

Decentralising the web. Stewarding new paradigms. Engineering and product.

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