Edgeware: blockchain community development and baking.

What does it take to build a community?

The thing about building communities is that it’s not all about the smartest people who can build the best tech. Yes it’s a major factor, but it’s not all the ingredients. To provide the simple analogy, it’s like baking bread. Engineers, designers and architects are the flour, but the community spirit is the yeast. You need the right balance of flour and yeast in order to have a good loaf. Too much flour and you might have a dense project of smart people stagnating in a contracted channel prone to ego hierarchies, forks, and semantics. Too much yeast and you have a holey loaf, getting too big for its infrastructure and prone to ripping. But lest us not forget water, which is the lubrication required to allow this process to take place, i.e. the token. At this stage I’m probably belabouring this analogy. And so I shall move on...

New Futures

Work less, create more. meaningful shit.

TShiba: learning from the youth

As I scout for young and promising projects for Edgeware’s Web 3.0 incubator I find a shiny.



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Ramsey (Decentration)

Ramsey (Decentration)


Decentralising the web. Stewarding new paradigms. Engineering and product.