Dynamic organism vs mechanistic thinking

In this short post, we share some value distinctions for how we go about designing our (multi-chain) systems, and building our new public infrastructure, or “network publics” as we like to call it.

We find it most valuable of our time and energy to put our attention on building new parallel systems, rather than finding ways to improve the current, very centralised order. We can elaborate the many reasons for this in other posts, but a question that encapsulates what motivates me is: why would you want to improve their system when we can build our own? We can let their system underpinned by their values and doctrines we don’t consent to, decompose away.

Oppositions in new design vs mal-design
Below we share just some value oppositions that we use to guide how we organise and design, moving away from the current mal-designed system that encourages the maladaptation of selves. These maladaptations keep us distracted, divided and blocked from being a united whole. A united living conscious being. We can encourage, enable and incentivise our core healthy selves with different holistically designed systems, which we can actualise. We are starting with building decentralised public infrastructure allowing for such united conditions (or states) to emerge.

Here we are using a social-ecological and humanistic approach to design.

Value Distinctions

holistic vs mechanistic
dynamic vs fixed
pro-active vs reactive
united vs divided
awareness vs distraction
being vs doing
self-determination vs tyranny
long term vs short term
commons vs exclusion
vs consumption
real vs financialized/transactional
question vs conclusion
vs contractive
participation/contribution vs passivity
biological systems vs pure mathematical
new renaissance vs neo-liberal
cooperacy vs oligarchy
two way inhalation/exhalation vs one-way explosive
musical vs reductionist
resilience/maintenance vs productivity
cooperation vs free markets
freeing vs tyrannical / authoritarian

These oppositions act as a values guide that we look back to when building our new systems and communities.

[This post is still being updated]

Relevant influences:

Stuart Hill
Walter Russell
Wilhelm Reich
Gary Douglas



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Ramsey (Decentration)

Ramsey (Decentration)


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