Decentration completes Supersig W3F funded grant

Supersig has completed a grant funding 3 milestones. Here we summarise the deliverables for each milestone, what supersig is, how you can try it yourself, and further links to add supersig to your own project.

Ramsey Ajram (Decentration)
3 min readMar 10, 2023
Supersig — like multisig, but with superpowers 💥

Milestone 1 — Supersig Pallet

In this milestone we built the pallet that contained the features that aimed to add flexibility to where the multisig features were fixed. But with the trade-off taking the off-chain benefits of multisig and bringing it on chain.

Add/remove members

Allow the user to add and remove members from their supersig account. As well as change to an enumerated simpleMajority threshold instead of just a fixed threshold.

Simple Majority instead of fixed threshold

A simple majority threshold so that there will need to be a 51% threshold regardless of how many there are.

Optional Master user

A Standard user has one vote, but a Master user, if voted in, can have 50% of all the votes. This means that only one other voter is required to execute a transaction. This option is useful for a large subset of use cases.


Deposit per byte and per user to protect the chain state from DOS or spamming of the chain.

Milestone 2 — Supersig UI

In this milestone we built a user interface dashboard on a polkadot-js fork.

Dashboard where you can manage your supersig collective.

The page-supersig app leverages the pallet’s rpc module and displays information and interaction on screen. This milestone consisted of decorating the rpc module and then desgning a UI that is simple and usable.

Lists all the supersigs on the chain; shows the members of the supersig and the supersig balance, and proposal area which shows what live proposals are due containing, proposal information, how many voters, and button to vote.

Milestone 3 — Feedback and improvements

This was a small milestone that gave us the opportunity to make the first version of supersig really pleasant and easy to use. A portion of the milestone was used from M1, which was to add an RPC module, so that in M2 the RPC module could be decorated and so that calls could be made that made the user interface more functional. The other major part of this milestone was to add the “live proposals” area, visible in the dashboard (see screenshot above), where the user could interact with the proposals entirely from the dashboard. Prior to this the user would have to make a manual RPC call.

Try out Supersig

Supersig vs Multisig

Key difference between multisig and supersig

Find out more in our general blog post


Supersig was developed by Decentration, made up of creative engineers and product managers.

Nathan Erudyx: Substrate Engineer

Timothee Debrouille: Rusty Crewmates, Code review, Engineering Support, RPC

Robin: RPC (Rest in peace)

Ramsey Ajram: Substrate Engineer, Product manager, founder of Decentration.


Primary: Web 3 Foundation Grant

Secondary: Edgeware Grant (as part of the Edgeware X Web3 Joint Funding Programme)



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